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Apr 12th 2007
Ever since online casinos have first appeared, politicians in Washington have tried to prevent online gambling from growing and spreading. But since their anti-gambling bill did not pass, more and more online casinos have been established. There are now several thousand online casinos all over the world, some reputable and others not so reputable. The online gambling industry is now worth billions. And it seems that the politicians' efforts are in vain.

Early gambling bills punished players for gambling online. American players that gambled online could spend a considerable amount of time in jail for doing so. That is what the bills in those days stated.

Nowadays the gambling bills have changed. They have made electronic financial transactions from offshore casinos illegal. In order for the bill to go through the House of Representatives, all the criminal penalties provisions have been removed from the bill. But who knows? They may just decide to put them back in when they present the bill to the Senate. The president has hastily declared that he will approve this anti-gambling bill.

The supporters of this bill proclaim that gambling ruins households and tears families apart. Others speculate that the government is trying to put an end to online gambling because it does not make any money of the offshore gambling transactions.

What do you think of such a bill that prevents US citizens to deposit money in offshore casino accounts by using credit cards or debit transfers? Do you think the Government is acting justly, or do you think that it may have stepped out of line? After all, it is your money and you should spend it as you see fit.

Many countries allow online gambling, but regulate it through strict rules. What should America do? Prohibit online gambling altogether or allow it and control it just like Britain or Australia do?

This bill will affect only US citizens and not those living outside of the US. But if the bill passes, then the only way for an American citizen to deposit money in his offshore casino account will be through cash transfers. The bill also proposes that internet providers be forced to monitor all those looking for online gambling or online gambling related material. How fair do you find this part of the bill? Take some time and think about it.

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