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Apr 21st 2007
As a matter of fact learning to play roulette is a very simple process. You should not have a problem understanding the rules of roulette. This doesn't mean that you can just walk into a casino and start playing. There are some basic rules that you have to familiarize yourself with before playing roulette in a land based casino or online. Only by first learning these basic you will avoid looking like a rookie and making rookie mistakes.

When playing roulette you must follow a given set of rules and you must respect the table etiquette. Since real money is on the line all the players at the roulette table should know these rules, regardless if they play in a land based casino or online.

Basic roulette game rules

  • The roulette table accommodates up to 8 players. This means that as many as 8 players can be gambling at the same time at a certain roulette table. Remember that all the people at the table are playing against the dealer and not against each other.
  • When you buy-in you will receive chips. All the chips that you will receive have the same color. The color of the chips is different from one player to another.
  • If you win you will receive a certain value chip in exchange for your color chip.
  • If you have placed an even money bet and the ball stops on 0 you can use the "En Prison" option. You can either take back your initial bet or you can "imprison" your bet. Imprisoning a bet means that the bet remains on the table and the next spin will determine if it wins or loses.
  • If you have placed an outside even money bet and the ball stops on 0 you can use the "La Partage" option. This means that you will get half you initial amount back. The house will take the other half.
Table etiquette

  • Once the dealer or croupier announces "No more bets" you will no longer be allowed to place any more bets. Make sure to place your bets before this announcement is made.
  • Do not touch your chips after the dealer has announced "No more bets". Do not even attempt to touch them as it will be interpreted as an attempt to cheat.
  • After the dealer or croupier announces "No more bets" your bets remain as they are. You can no longer change them.
This concludes our presentation of the basic roulette game rules and table etiquette. If you are familiar with these basic rules you should not have any problems. You are now ready to play roulette, in a land based casino or online.

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