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Apr 18th 2007
The casinos added a very great addition when they introduced the roulette table. There are some things every player needs to know about the roulette table: The most usual tables have rectangle form that stretches from the wheel which is located to one end to the column bets, located at the opposite end.

Usually the players may use just one side of the roulette and the dealer uses the other side of it. Of course this doesn't apply when you are playing the game online where you are required to know some information about the table to place a bet.

In roulette are two basic bets that can be played: the inside and the outside bets. The layout is made after these bets as it is divided in two important sections: the inner section where each number has its own slot where bets can be placed and the outside section where there are betting areas that relate to a number's characteristic instead of the number itself.

This means that the outside bets are made for a specific type of number: red or black, first twelve or last twelve and odd or even. In the inside bets zone the player places a bet on a single number.

On the outside section of the table layout, this being included in both American and European type of roulette there are options for betting on the first, second and third block of twelve numbers, on the first half or second half of numbers, odd or even and black or red. You won't find these options on the newly introduced French roulette.

Column bets can be placed as well. They can be found at the thinner end of the inner block of numbers. The inner numbers are corresponded in each of these three columns. Let's say that you place a bet on the third column. The numbers corresponded to it are 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, and 36. If one of these numbers come up then you are a winner and you will be paid back with a 2:1 odd.

Each number has its own betting slot on the inside section of the table. The bets can be made either on an individual number or on many numbers linked together in various ways. Read the roulette betting page as well as the odds one to understand more about placing the bets.

The French roulette is starting to become more and more popular. The only difference between this type and the other two (American & European) is the way the numbers are disposed on the table layout. The bets are all accessible only you will find them somewhere else on the table. Another different thing at this type is that no longer the players have a section where they can sit and the dealer another section. In this version the players can surround the table thus making more of a party atmosphere just like a craps table.

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