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Cashable Roulette Bonuses and Sticky Roulette Bonuses

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Sep 24th 2010
When a player is looking for an online casino, they will often be drawn in by the bonuses that are offered. These bonuses have been very effective at attracting new players, as well as keeping existing players coming back. There are two main types of bonuses that are offered. A cashable bonus, which is less common, and a non-cashable, or sticky bonus. Both types of bonuses are offered at roulette casinos. The type of bonus is determined by the casino, so players need to be aware of the differences between the two. Online gaming has become very popular over the years and many players are looking for a casino that will offer some type of bonus. No matter which type of bonus is offered, players will be drawn in simply because something is being given to them in return for their initial deposit.

Cashable Roulette Bonuses
When players are looking to play roulette online, they will often look for a casino that offers this type of bonus. A cashable bonus is not commonly seen. This type of bonus is when a casino will offer to match a deposit by a certain percentage and up to a certain amount. For example, if a player deposits $200 and the casino will match 50% up to $200, the player would then be playing with a total of $300. The best part about this type of bonus is that the bonus amount can be cashed out. So, if the player has $250 remaining, they can take that amount and stop playing. This costs the online casinos extra money, which is why it is not seen very often. However, it does manage to attract many players who are looking for online roulette.

Non-Cashable Roulette Bonuses
These are also referred to as sticky bonuses for roulette games. They also will offer an incentive to the player by making a matching contribution into a new account. However, there is one major difference between this and a cashable bonus. The money that is provided from the casino is actually a loan. The players are allowed to play with this money, but they cannot cash it out. For example, if the player had the $300, including their own money as well as the casino bonus money, and they played it down to $250, they would not be able to cash out the remaining bonus money. So, the play would only get their $200 back. This type of bonus is preferred by casinos because it does not cost them anything. They can offer a bonus to a player and allow them to play with that money, but the player may not take the money from the casino. This has been an effective strategy when attracting new players. Many roulette casinos, especially those that offer free roulette games, will offer this type of bonus. One reason for this is because roulette has high payoffs. If the casino wants to stay ahead, they cannot be giving away free money in addition to any winnings.

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