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Roulette History : The Origins of the Casino Roulette Game

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Nov 14th 2011
Like many other casino games there is a lot of speculation on the history of Roulette. Roulette means “small wheel” in French. There are a lot of gaming experts that are under the belief that the Roulette wheel was invented not as a gaming device, but perpetual motion one. French scientist Blaise Pascal, who worked in the probability field, is given credit for inventing the Roulette wheel. The wheel was first used as a gaming device in a French monastery with the monks playing the game to pass the time. The game eventually found its way to Paris, as the crème de la crème of society were drawn the game, which could be found in the city’s casinos.

Francois and Luis Blanc placed the game in the casinos they set up in Monte Carlo. According to a Roulette legend, the Blanc brothers traded their souls to the devil in order to get the secret of Roulette. To add to the legend, the brothers added the numbers of 0-36 and if you add up all of these numbers what comes up? You guessed it - the number of the devil of 666. This is only a legend, but an interesting one. However, the game of Roulette has always had a superstitious aspect to it.

Modern Roulette was also first seen in France with the wheel that had both black and red numbers. The game of Roulette came to the United States in the early part of the 19th century. The French wheel came to the US by the way of the Mississippi River from New Orleans, which was French, and the game spread throughout the country. Many gold miners and speculators flocked to the game and it grew in popularity when the gold rush hit in California.

Even though the double zero Roulette wheel originated in France it became known as the American wheel, as America accepted the version. The single zero Roulette wheel took over as the version played most in Europe.

Roulette came to Las Vegas when the city was just starting to build casinos and the game stuck and became one of the most popular Vegas games in the 1970’s. Currently Roulette is the 3rd most popular casino game with only craps and slots being more popular.

There is a lot of conjecture to the history of Roulette, but to play Roulette is fun and can be lucrative and that is why it is such a popular game today.

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