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Cheating at Roulette : Can you really Cheat at Roulette?

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Mar 21st 2011
There are always going to be those rule breakers at online casinos, those that are looking to get ahead of the casino. At the same time, there are even casinos that have broken the rules on a number of occasions when it comes to cheating. Cheating is by no definition condoned at casinos, but that doesn’t stop many players from finding ways of getting around “the system”. Cheating at online roulette for example is an age-old occurrence on casino games, used as its own roulette strategy. There are several techniques that players and casinos have implored throughout time.

Casinos Cheat at Roulette

By nature, roulette presents opportunities for casinos and players to cheat at roulette. Many of these opportunities for casinos have long since passed, but it is interesting to know just how it was accomplished back in the day. Some casinos would try their hand at cheating at roulette with a rigged wheel. Casinos could make money by having players roll out on a rigged roulette wheel. This method of cheating at roulette is known as using a biased roulette wheel. This was a relatively common practice at many casinos up until 1931 until new laws came out to protect casino players which force casinos to forfeit their license if they do not uphold fair and balanced gaming practices. Even with biased roulette wheels and after their discovery, players still frequented those roulette wheels, putting down good money on a legitimate game of roulette.

Other roulette casinos throughout history have used magnets in their roulette balls. This involves having a roulette ball with steel inside of it. Casinos could guide the ball where they wanted it. This was usually to a spot on the wheel that was less advantageous for players. Some casinos have even tried to mess with the roulette wheel by putting glue in the pockets. This changes the bounce of the ball on a game of roulette. Back then, it was more common for the casino to cheat at roulette then the players.

Cheat the Casino at Roulette

Despite all of these crafty ways throughout time that casinos have cheated on roulette, players are still just as guilty of trying to cheat at roulette. Players’ cheating strategies are far less technical than that of a casino. In a game of roulette, players can try late betting. Some casinos do not have a rule stipulating that a player can’t bet after the ball has been spun. If that is the case, players try to get in a late bet at those casinos. While it sounds simple enough, this cheating technique is much harder to carry out, as there is limited time for the player to actually sneak the bet in without the dealer looking. The player must do this as the dealer is looking at the wheel before their eyes shift back to the table. With little time, players have trouble completing this roulette cheating strategy.

Can You Cheat at Online Roulette?
As a large majority of gambling takes place on the Internet these days, it is more difficult for casinos and players to cheat the system. Cheating is not really an issue with online casinos as long as are you are playing at the best roulette casinos that are known to be reputable and honest casinos. These online casinos have third party companies test their software to ensure that the betting results are completely random and fair so that players never have to worry about cheating when playing roulette online.

In fact, when you play online roulette, you can take advantage of using roulette systems and strategies that are known to help you win at roulette. Since there is no live croupier in front of you, you can read systems and manuals that will help improve your roulette game. Obviously most online casinos do not encourage it, but it is impossible for them to tell that you are using a roulette guide. Even with the best roulette strategies, you will never have the edge over the casino, but you can increase your chances of winning at roulette, so in a sense you can cheat at online roulette.

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