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Apr 10th 2007
When standing in a crowd near a roulette table you just can believe your eyes. All these people are cheering and are so excited over a seemingly trivial thing. What is so alluring about watching a small white ball going around in circles? How was this game invented, and how did it become so popular?

The term "roulette" is French, and it means little ball. The origins of the game are clouded in mystery. No one knows for sure who the inventor of he game is or where in the world the game originated from. But some believe that the famous mathematician and early computer mind Blaise Pascal is the inventor if the game.

In 1796 in Paris the first modern roulette wheel appeared. It had even/odd and alternating black and red colors, just like the roulette wheel we use today.

In the 1800's the roulette wheel found its way to America. But the American casinos modified the wheel in order to give themselves a bigger advantage. They introduced an extra slot to the European wheel, the 00. This is the main difference between a European and an American wheel, but it is enough to double the house advantage. That is why you are advised to find a European wheel when playing roulette. The house advantage that you will be facing is of 2.7%, as opposed to an American wheel that has a house advantage of 5.4%.

All gamblers seek out the games that offer the best odds, and American gamblers are no different. That is why more American players are looking to play European roulette and not American roulette. As European roulette's popularity is constantly growing in North America, more American casinos try to provide this type of game. In Europe roulette is one of the most popular casino games. The reason for this is the good odds that European roulette offers.

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