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French Online Gambling and Roulette Law

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May 20th 2010
As the World Cup gets underway, many gamers around the world are gearing up to place their bets at online casinos on their favorite teams. In France, that was not an option until recently. A new bill was presented in French parliament that alters France’s gambling laws and extends options to online casinos. That bill passed with 299 votes to 223 votes. French players are rejoicing that finally they too will have more secure ways of placing bets online.

The new legislation puts an end to the French state’s hold on online gambling. Now private gaming outlets can join the market, providing online slots, poker, playing roulette and other casino games to players. This new system is thought to bring big changes to the French gaming scene.

Breaking down the new bill, players will find their gaming experience to be more secure and tested. Now, online gaming venues will be placed under a software check. This is mainly to discern which players are underage and which players are not. Many have found underage players squeaking by the process and gambling when they are not of age. The bill hopefully eliminates this problem.

As many French players are used to gambling at the glamorous casinos that dot the French Rivera, the new legislation presents more options for players in France. Those that can’t make the trip to a real live casino can just open up their computers. French players will still face state tax on sport bets and poker bets. Sports bets hold a 7.2% tax, while poker bets are taxed 2%. Some of those taxes are put to rewarding use. Anti-addiction campaigns and programs are funded with some of the taxes acquired by the state on bets.

Playing online roulette is not something out of the ordinary for France. Many players have been playing on black market online casino options. With this new legislation however, players will have a better system they can trust. Black market casinos do not always follow rules and security provisions. Many in the French government hope that these venues will be wiped out with this new legislation.

Security is important to most French players when playing online for those jackpots. The new bill hopefully eases those concerns and provides a better gaming experience for many French players. Those online gaming venues that do not have a proper license will be blocked from French players. While some see this as a good thing, others are questioning how foreign operators will be able to swing it. They must obtain a proper license and the costs are questionable. Many are hoping the license will still be affordable and reasonable.

Most French gamers are seeing this bill as an answer to their needs. With the World Cup looming and presenting gaming opportunities, it seems to come just in time for the games. Betting on sports online is not just the only benefit. French players will now have more secure ways to play slots, blackjack, poker, and all of those favorite casino games.

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