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Apr 7th 2007
Diodoro roulette systems

Diodoro has researched and developed statistics based free roulette systems for French Roulette (one zero wheel) and American Roulette (double zero wheel). All his roulette systems are mainly based on the Law of the Third and on others statistics theories. His is a high technical research, oriented to collectors, researchers and professional roulette gamblers.

3738 Free roulette systems

There are NO systems for sale here. There are no requests for payment for anything here. This site is free, but your input for the benefit of fellow gamblers will be greatly appreciated. The 'holy grail' is not to be found here. Just the usual roulette information with explanation of tried and mostly failed systems from the past and present.

Roulette systems for free

Everybody who sells a roulette system nowadays, often for a few thousand marks, tries to convince the buyer that his roulette system is infallible. Unfortunately, most roulette systems are not what they were promised to be. Only in a real game the chaff is separated from the wheat. That's why some promising roulette systems are presented here. These roulette systems are discussed in a forum where you can also talk with others about your experiences. Interesting roulette systems can be modified and extended. Moreover, everybody can publish interesting roulette systems on this website without charge.

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