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Apr 23rd 2007
Is guessing a good strategy to use if you want to win when gambling online? Well, it all depends. There some games that have nothing to do with skill or calculated decisions. These games are based on pure luck and your best bet is to simply guess. You do not have any other choices, so in this case guessing may yield positive results.

Other games are based on skill. When playing such games you must use a strategy, focus on your game and always make the best decision. These decisions are based on precise calculations and there is no room for guessing. In this case guessing is not the way to go. Guessing is rash and uncalculated, the opposite of what you should be doing.

Games like blackjack or poker are based more on skill, and less on luck. Skill plays a big part in these games, and there is little room for guessing. Every decision that you make directly influences the outcome of the game. That is why knowing the game and using this knowledge will influence your odds. A skilled player has a good chance of making a profit when playing blackjack or poker. This is not to say that luck plays absolutely no part. Indeed skill is more important than luck when playing blackjack or poker, but sometimes having luck on your side will make you the next big winner.

Other games like keno, roulette or slots have little to do with skill. These games depend more on luck than skill, and guessing is your best option. When playing roulette for example all you have to do is place your bet on the number you think will win. This is guessing at its best. You may have heard of experienced players that use various systems. Using a system will not help you predict on which number the ball will stop. The spin is totally random and each number has the same chances of coming up.

Playing slots is also based on pure luck. In this case you do not even have to guess. All you have to do is insert the coins and pull the lever or push the button. If luck is on your side you will win. If not, you will lose.

When playing in an online gambling casino you have a wide variety of games to choose from. There are several types of skill games and several types of luck based games. So no matter what type of game you feel like playing, you will surely find one to your liking.

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