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Dec 10th 2011
When you play roulette the object of the game is pretty easy, as you pick the number you think will come up when the wheel is spun. There are many bets that you can make and there are many betting combinations and the roulette rules for the different bets have different payouts and odds.

The croupier is basically the dealer when you play roulette and they spin the wheel and deal with the bets. If you’re you playing online roulette, there is a virtual croupier or a live dealer – but the roulette rules do not change regardless of whether you’re playing online or offline. The croupier calls the numbers that is the winning one when the wheel stops spinning and they take in bets and make the payouts.

When you start to play Roulette you will buy chips from the croupier or is you play online Roulette you will buy the chips at the banking area of the online casino. When you buy chips in a land based casino, the roulette rules state that you will have to wait for the roll to be over and then place your money on the felt and the croupier will give you chips. The minimum buy in amount will be shown on the table.

The croupier will change the whole amount you place on the betting table and they will take the cash and give you the chips and you are ready to play Roulette!

The Roulette chips are different than other casino gaming chips, as they are different colors, as every player in the game will get a different color so they know which chips are theirs. For example, if there are 5 people in the game there will be 5 different colors of chips. Each chip will have a certain cash value and besides the minimum buy in amount there will also be a minimum bet that you can make on each spin. The roulette rules for the minimum and maximum bets will vary from casino to casino as well as from online casinos is you play Roulette online.

The betting boxes are clearly marked on the table and when you make a decision on what bet to make you simply take the amount of chips you want to bet and place them in the betting box. You have the chance to make bets until the croupier waves their hand over the table, which according to all roulette rules means no more bets. Also, you cannot begin to bet until the croupier has taken the marker off the last winning spin and paid out the winning players. The croupier will usually stop the betting in Roulette when the ball begins to slow down on the spinning wheel.

When the ball in the wheel stops on a number the croupier will announce what the winning number is and place a marker on that number on the betting table. After marking the winning number he will scoop up all the bets on the table that are not winning ones and then pay out the winning ones leaving the winning ones on the table. Again, after the croupier pays out the winnings and takes the marker a new round of Roulette betting will begin.

When you are done without playing session you can cash out with the croupier and they will give you dollar chip denominations that you can cash out at the cashier. When you play online the roulette rules are simple - go to the cashier area of the online casino when you want to stop playing.

When you play Roulette at a land-based casino, the roulette rules are different - you can color-up your chips, which means turning your color chips into money chips. This is basically changing smaller chips into chips of higher denominations.

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