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Apr 21st 2007
If you are a beginer the different choices of roulette bets offered by the roulette game are the first thing you should learn. Once you know what types of roulette bets are offered on the table and what odds they have, the process of learning the roulette rules is almost finished.

However, there is a difference between knowing how to play the game and playing the game with success, so only knowing the rules wont help you too much unless you know the odds.

Now, let's get back and start with the beginning. As I said before, at the roulette table are two types of roulette bets and these are:

The Inside Bets
Inside bets are made on specific numbers or combinations of numbers either within the number layout or on the border. There are a few different types, and roulette rules may vary by establishment. Tables will have minimum wager requirements that must be adhered to. Let's say the table minimum is $5. That means you can place 5 X $1 bets on different number on the table, but you must make a total of $5 in roulette bets. You can also just bet $5 on one number. Below are descrideb all the inside bets that you can make:

Straight Bet
A bet on any individual number. Place this bet by putting your chips squarely in the center of the number you want. This bet pays 35 to 1.

Split Bet, or Two Number
When you bet on two numbers that are adjacent. To place this bet put your chips on the line separating the two numbers. If either of the two numbers are where the ball falls, you win. Pays 17 to 1. It's worth mentioning that you can also play a split bet on 0 and 00 by putting your chips on the line separating the second and third dozen. This is used to save some time and effort for people at the far end of the table.

Street Bet or Three Number
A bet on 3 different numbers in a horizontal line. Place your chip on the outside line of the row you want to bet. This bet pays 11 to 1.

Corner Bet
Just like the split bet and street bet, a corner bet is a combinational wager. It lets you bet on four numbers at one time. The numbers must be beside one another. To place this bet put your chips down on the intersecting point of all four numbers. This pays 8 to 1.

Five-Number Bet
This is betting that one of these 5 numbers will hit: 0, 00, 1, 2 or 3. The payoff for this bet is 6 to 1, and can only be played on an American wheel. Place your chip at the corner of the intersection of 0, 1, and the first dozen.

Line Bet
This bet covers two adjacent rows of numbers. To make this bet, place your chip on one of the outside lines at the intersection of two rows. This bet pays 5 to 1.

Outside Bets
The outside bets are located along the outer edge of the table, and include all bets outside the central grid of numbers. There are no winning outside bets for 0 or 00 results. An outside bet can be a bet placed on a group of numbers, or some required characteristic. If the minimum bet for the table is $10, any and all outside bets must be at least $10. There are different types of outside bets that you can make:

Red or Black
These are simple bets to understand. You are betting that either a red number or a black number will win. Boutth bets pay 1 to 1. To make one of these bets simply place your chips on the areas labeled red or black on the table layout.

Odd or Even
the name tells you all. It means that you bet that the ball will land either on an odd number or on an even number. To make one of these bets you need to place your chips on the square marked odd or the square marked even in the outside part of the table. Bouth bets pay even money (1 to 1).

This is betting that one of a particular dozen numbers hits on the next spin of the wheel. The wheel is divided into 3 different "dozen" groups; 1-12, 3-24, and 25-36. This bet pays 2 to 1. To place this bet find the rectangular areas located in between the first outside bets (red/black, odd/even, etc) and the inside board spread. These will usually be labeled with the words 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12.

Column Bet
Roulette rules also allow for you to bet on ranges of numbers according to how they are arranged within the Inside betting numbers grid. At one end of the set of 38 numbers there are a set of three boxes, each corresponding to a column of numbers on the grid. You'll see the words '2 to 1' written in them. If a number from within the column you are betting on comes up, you win, and are paid 2 to 1.

High / Low Number
You are betting that the ball will land on a low number or on a high number. Low numbers are from 1 through 18 without the 0 and 00. High numbers are from 19 through 36. High ans Low bets pay even money.

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