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Apr 13th 2007
That trip to Vegas that you had been dreaming about has finally come true. All the pieces of the puzzle have finally fallen into place and you get to spend a whole weekend in Vegas. Three whole days that you can spend playing your favorite casino games. But what should you expect from playing in a land based casino?

When you play online, you play from the comfort of your own home. There is no crowd around you, no one cheering and no one telling you what to do. But you will find all these things in a land based casino. Do not listen to the crowd. It's not their money on the line. Stick to your budget and play a smart game. You will only lose if you listen to the crowd and neglect your bankroll management. You must make sure that you have the most fun while playing, not the thrill seeking crowd.

Make the most of casino comps. You will most likely get a few free drinks while playing, compliments of the house of course. But be careful not to get drunk. You may just do something reckless like letting a $500 win ride and lose. Make sure to give the waitress a tip. She will treat you nicer if you do.

Remember that gambling is all about having fun while playing. What is the point of traveling all the way to Vegas if you forget to enjoy yourself. Set up a certain amount of money to spend gambling every day. Something like $50 is a good amount. Walk away after you have spent that amount of money. This way you will ensure that you have enough money to last your entire trip. And resist the temptation of dipping into any other funds. Stick to the amount of money that you have decided to gamble every day, and do not exceed it.

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