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Sep 14th 2011
Playtech 3D RoulettePlaytech, well-recognized as one of the world's best when it comes to putting together online casino software, has come up with another winner when it comes to dressing up the online casino environment with its 3D Roulette game, a mainstay of the company's Premium Roulette Series.

Playtech’s 3D online roulette game brings together many of the features you look for when seeking the hottest online roulette experience, including an amazing visual graphics package and the sounds that make you feel you are right there in the middle of the casino. Of course, one of the most dramatic differences between this and the roulette games you usually play online in that this one is three-dimensional, and that is the coolest thing of all.

The animation you get these days in online casino games is pretty sensational, and certainly the consumer demands it. The technology is always taking steps forward, and Playtech, which has always been a leader in this area, is at the head of the line once again.

If you were looking for the sound of a professional dealer who calls out the result of every spin, just like they do at an actual casino, you need to look no further. You can take advantage of getting different views of the roulette betting table, which only adds to the utility and sense of user-friendliness, not to mention serving to introduce you to what is almost a perfect reproduction of what goes on in an actual casino. If you'd prefer, you can adjust speed levels of the game so that you can get as much money across the table as possible, during any6 given period of time. There are a lot of people who really enjoy this feature.

Of course, you realize what this online roulette game is all about. You're looking to place a winning wager, whether it is of the "Straight-Up" variety (on a specific number) or an "outside bet," where you are choosing one group of numbers against another, whether it's Even vs. Odd, Red vs. Black or High vs. Low. In addition to wagers like that, 3D Roulette from Playtech offers additional wagers that may be referred to by some as "racetrack" bets, among them a "neighbors bet" where you choose to wager on five different numbers that are situated next to each other – all popular bets in the standard European Roulette. You can also partake in other "exotic" wagers like Voisins Du Zero and Tiers Du Cylindre, known as regular staples of the French roulette game.

The game commands are easily accessible and they make the game that much easier. You select a chip as it appears on the upper right-hand corner of the screen, then place it exactly where you need to on the table. You can choose to Clear, Undo or Redo your bets at any time between spins. Then you just let that wheel spin!

The Premium Playtech Roulette Series not only includes 3D Roulette, but also European Roulette, French Roulette, American Roulette and Pro Roulette. The 3D version may be the most popular, and there really is no mystery as to why!

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