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Apr 23rd 2007
Casino roulette has a long and rich history. Online roulette on the other hand, has not been around for quite that long. Since it depends on the internet, online roulette has just recently appeared in the gambling circuit. If you play in a land based casino you will notice that the game is slow paced. This in turn attracts civilized, quiet, upper class players. Especially in Europe you will notice that roulette players usually wear tuxedos, the women are well dressed, and the overall feeling is that of elegance and nobility.

No one can precisely tell when the game first originated or where it originated from. We do know for sure that the game was extremely popular in the mid 18th century all over Europe. The creator of the game is considered to be none other than the famous mathematician Blaise Pascal. Online roulette players should get a kick out of this, since Pascal is one of the earliest computer minds.

The international sign for casinos and gambling in general is the roulette wheel. This is quite strange, because roulette is not the most popular casino game around, in America at least. In Europe the roulette enjoys a large popularity amongst casino players. There are other differences. The roulette wheel for example. The European wheel has one 0, while the American roulette wheel has 0 and 00. This extra slot on the American wheel means that the odds of winning are slightly worse on an American wheel. Some players consider this a disadvantage and will not play such wheels.

You will be able to find roulette wheels with just one 0 in America also, but usually the minimum bet you can place is very high. When playing online you will find both types of wheels to play. This does not really make a difference as long as the casino offers reasonable odds.

I wish you to have the best of luck and enjoy yourself playing online roulette.

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