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Aug 19th 2011
Every player wants to find a great strategy that will help them win big money at any casino. Some believe in using less allowed methods in order to do so, and while there’s the risk of getting in trouble, especially under prying eyes in a brick and mortar casino, players will take the risk anyways to get what they want if they decide it’s worthwhile to them.

One of the more common methods of cheating with roulette games is called “past posting”. Basically what this means is that players swap out their chips to a winning spot on the betting area when the dealer isn’t looking. Players trying this need to be very observant to determine when the dealer isn’t looking and when it would be safe to switch the chips on the table to the winning combination. They also need to be aware of the dealer when bets are placed to see if all positions were closely observed or not. This method really just uses common sense, although it’s not very good if players happen to get themselves caught. But that doesn’t discourage anyone since it’s been around for a very long time.

Not only do players using this roulette cheat method need to make sure that the dealer doesn’t catch them; they should watch out for other players too. If anyone else at the table catches someone cheating, they will surely report it and while it might not be easily proven, it’s not worth having to give an explanation.

Other roulette strategies that relate to roulette cheats and also do not work at roulette online casinos involve establishing a relationship with the roulette croupier. Many players believe that forming a relationship with their dealer and watching their habits closely can benefit their game. For one thing, it’s believed that dealers spinning the roulette wheel day after day might develop muscle memory that causes them to start following the same patterns and perhaps hitting certain numbers over and over again. Although this is not always reliable, players can try to keep an eye on the patterns. Many players also think that some dealers specifically try to control the outcome of the game since they have the power. So watching their patterns may have its benefit if they try to be consistent. If this is true of certain dealers, trying to befriend them and get on their good side might actually land a player a greater chance to win as well.

Roulette cheats known for use when playing roulette games include using computers that can measure patterns and gravity. This is actually a cheat that’s against the law, though so it’s not worthwhile. Although players always appreciate the chance to also win more when playing online roulette as well, these roulette strategies or cheating methods will only work at brick and mortar casinos. Roulette players will have to stick to standard online roulette strategies to increase their chances of winning and beating the online casino.

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