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Apr 16th 2007
The most sophisticated and calm crowd can be found at a roulette table. The slow-pace of the game is one of the reasons. You may sometimes see normal people shouting and screaming as they are continuously winning. What are their secrets?

I won't present you any magic plans, techniques, systems or formulas of winning, all you will receive are some tips that should be very handy in your path to making money. The tips which are about to be presented are only for the beginners, the more experienced people might already know them.

  1. Avoid the people that pretend they have some roulette systems. You got to ask yourselves if they have these systems why don't they apply them in casinos instead of selling them to usual people.

  2. Choose the European version of the roulette instead of the American one as the casino has a smaller house edge. A smaller house edge means increased winning chances. This is due to the fact that the European roulette has only one 0 instead of two 00 which can be found at the American version.

  3. Avoid betting on the five number bet as it has the smaller odds on the table.

  4. Find a casino where you can use the surrender rule and play there. On even-money outside bets the casino's house edge will be reduced almost like at a single 0 wheel.

  5. Do not delude yourself that you might play at a biased machine. Almost entirely 100% the machine doesn't have such problems. The wheel is finely tuned and is an expertly crafted piece of equipment. Only some mechanical imperfections may cause the machine not to work properly.

  6. Manage you money smartly. This is the rule you must always follow. Don't gamble money that you can't afford and avoid investing in something that you don't understand. If you were lucky the last time you played it doesn't mean that it will happen again. Remember this as it makes the difference between big money winners and losers.

  7. The roulette chips are made only for this table. You can't use them at other machines or games, so always remember to cash-in after you are finished playing.

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