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How Roulette Streaks Affect Your Game

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Sep 22nd 2011
It would be positively euphoric to go on a great series of bankroll-building winning roulette streaks when you play online roulette. Of course, the reality is that in any game where you've got a negative overall expectation - and roulette falls into that category - you've got to know about the chance you really have to run up roulette streaks – good or bad.

Certainly it would be delusional to think you could actually lay money down on a single number and score a winner three or four times in a row. So when we break this situation down, we will be looking not at the bets that operate on 37/1 odds, but instead on those that have an even money chance of coming through for us.

Those are called the "outside bets."

Outside bets are wagers can have two possibilities. They are wagers on sets of 18 numbers. You are betting on whether a result is going to come up Red or Black, Low or High, Even or Odd. These bets are referred to as "even money" bets, and indeed they offer the appearance that they are even money, although of course the presence of the zero and double zero on the roulette wheel (in the American version) make it less than an even chance that the bet will win.

When you look at the Even or Odd wager, for instance, you've got 18 chances to win, and that is out of a total of 38 total chances (on the American wheel). In this case, and in every case, in fact, the zero and double zero provide the "vig" for the house.

So could you possibly get a roulette streak of 4 "odds" in a row or a roulette streak of 4 "high" numbers consecutively?

Well, we can provide the answer, because it is something that can be calculated, in the form of a “parlay”.

What you have to keep in mind is that the probability is 18 out of 38 that an outside bet will come in (18/38). Then in performing this calculation, you simply take that figure and keep multiplying by as many times as you need to (the equivalent to the amount of consecutive wins you're trying to calculate) to find out what the odds are and whether or not roulette streaks are likely positive, negative or neutral.

If you want, you can reduce 18/38 to 9/19, as that might make the set of numbers more manageable. Then you multiply it four times in a row:

9/19 x 9/19 x 9/19 x 9/19 = 6561/130,321

This can be reduced to 1/19.86.

The conclusion you come to here is that you are going to be able to win 4 spins in a row about once every 20 spins (actually a little less than 20 spins).

As I'm sure you noticed, roulette streaks like this don't happen that often.

You can then turn around and use the same formula to figure out the possibility of experiencing the roulette streaks you are looking to avoid, which are the losing roulette streaks. These are the things that can bust you and your bankroll right out of a game. How often do THEY happen?

Well, a little more frequently, we're sorry to report. Remember that your possibility is 20/38 (or 10/19). So how often could we expect to LOSE four bets in a row? That can be part of a parlay as well.

10/19 x 10/19 x 10/19 x 10/19 = 10,000/130,321 = 1/13.021

So you can expect it to occur about every 13 spins.

What's our roulette streaks lesson? Well, if you base your roulette strategy on the expectation that winning roulette streaks are going to occur more often than losing roulette streaks, you need to take another look at your philosophy.

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