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Apr 21st 2007
In an attempt to gain the elusive upper hand, millions of casino patrons have attempted to find a method of beating any negative expectation game, and roulette system seekers are no exception. I'm sure I won't be the first to tell you the notion of a roulette system is a myth, but maybe I can help explain why.

I can be as open minded as the next guy, but any spurious logic that comes my way will be completely disregarded (that's not true, it will be squashed and then disregarded). There are people out there selling systems who advertise themselves as having '30 years of experience', and a roulette system 'tested over 15 years', and a million other reasons to make you believe they can break the laws of probability or physics. I've never really understood this. If you have a winning system and have been using it for 15 years, why do you need to make money selling it?

Don't give me any of that, "I'm a nice guy and want to share my secret bull," nobody makes an effort to build a business publishing print material because they are a nice guy; they're in it for the money. A roulette system that works on the other hand, should and could provide much easier money, so unless this roulette system sucker seeker is a lifelong friend, don't give them the time of day.

Unfortunately, it's easy to convince someone of a roulette system that works. Take this example: In roulette the odds against you are pretty standard for every bet on the board, at a somewhat nasty 5.26% house edge. This means the house will win 5.26% more of the bets on the table than they lose.

Of course, if you've been paying attention at the casino you'll realize it's more than this. Say you bet on two columns on the same spin at the roulette table, the odds are you'll win 24-14. So how is it that the casinos don't go broke? This is how roulette system sellers nab their victims. Let's dispel this false logic right now.

There is another factor that has to be considered, and it's called the payoff. The house's advantage stems from the fact that a payoff for a winning bet is a bit below the odds overcome to do so. Read that sentence again, it makes sense, it's just not poetry. Basically, if you bet on two columns in roulette for 12 bucks each (24 bucks total) and win, you get paid $12. But on odds of 24 to 14 the casino should pay back 14 dollars, on an even playing field.

The casino knows it can profit sufficiently even against the odds if it matches its payouts appropriately. The casino profits by taking $24 when you lose, but only paying $12 when you win.

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