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Apr 22nd 2007
Since the 17th century when roulette was invented, this game's popularity has been steadily increasing. It is mainly played in land based or online casinos, but it has also been played at company-sponsored events and even fundraisers. It is a table game that draws a crowd, but it is slow paced in comparison to other casino games like blackjack. This doesn't mean that the game is in any way less exciting or entertaining.

Learning to play roulette is a simple process that should take you little time. As you play along and become more familiar and comfortable with the game you will surely start using a roulette betting strategy of your own. Some players use simple strategies, like consistently betting on a certain number that they consider lucky or that they particularly like.

Other players prefer more complex. The choice of the roulette betting strategy is completely up to you. There are no good or bad strategies, and no roulette betting strategy will ensure that you will always win.

Roulette is a game of pure luck. Every spin is completely random and independent from previous spins. All the numbers have the same chances of coming up for every spin, so every time the ball is spun there is no way of prediction what number will come up. Because roulette is a random game, based on luck, using a system will not yield positive results.

Using simple methods like picking the right table and making the best bets is the only efficient way to increase your odds. And increasing your odds is the only thing that you can do, because there is no way of lowering the house advantage.

Mastering roulette strategies will take time, patience, and practice. Luckily you can find plenty of free online roulette games that you can practice on and also there are lots of sites that offer hints, tips and suggestions on roulette strategies.

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