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Apr 19th 2007
One of the best advice I can give when it comes about a winning roulette wheel strategy is to play single zero wheels and if possible with the En prison and La Partage rules.

Another good roulette wheel strategy would be to manage carefully and wise your bankroll, and this rule is well applied for all the casino games. Smart money management can be the difference between big money winners and losers. Never gamble money that you can't afford to lose. Basically, for each session of roulette you play, you should define a bankroll, a win limit, and a loss limit (which is often the same as your bankroll).

Now, what loss and win limits implies? The idea is that you should know ahead of time the how much you could afford to lose, and make a pact with yurselves to not spend any more than that, if luck is not with you. Usually, when people lose, they tend to run after their losses. Just know how much you've spent, how much you can afford to spend, and don't increase your bet to try and make back what you've lost.

A win streak is hard to interrupt, and is very rarely walked away from. We're not saying that you should cut every win streak short, but if you're up a good bit of money and the win streak ends, you should walk away before it truly comes crashing down. A good rule of thumb is to take a percentage of your bankroll and set it as your win limit. The secret is to leave the table while you are ahead; easier said than done, I know, but statistically speaking if you are beating the table, eventually you will lose your money back. The house has a +5% advantage on every spin of the wheel don't forget.

Never invest in something that you don't understand. There is absolutely no point in playing with real money until you are comfortable with the different types of bets and payoffs in roulette. You should probably expect to put in a good 8 - 10 hours of practice before you graduate into playing with real money.

Print out the odds associated with each different type of bet. Go through this list and commit the list to memory. Read everything that you can on the game of roulette.

Knowledge of the different kinds of roulette tables, knowledge of the odds and different types of bets is the greatest advantage that a roulette player can give themselves.

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