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Apr 15th 2007
The roulette has expanded very much being among the first casino games played on the internet. It is not just the roulette that started to be played online; other casino games are played as well. Casino Tropez is one of the most famous online casinos and is used by a very large number of people. It is convenient for people to play the games this way as not all of them could afford to go to Vegas, plus the money spent on plane tickets could be spent on the games.

The online roulette can be an enjoyable experience, as the one found in a land based casino. The online version can bring some extra advantages like the lack of distractions you may find in a real casino: free drinks, mirrors everywhere, beautiful girls permanently around your table, and all those mesmerizing sounds. These distractions are all attempts to empty your pocket in the smoothest way possible. Fortunately you won't encounter them when you play online.

Of course there are people that prefer the distraction as it is after all disguised as entertainment. And not few are those that play in a casino just for the glitz and glamour they encounter there. The online roulette is not just for the people that love the game itself as you may consider.

There are different reasons why the people choose to play the game this way: the lack of an intimidation factor, no nervousness provoked by the dealer, no huge bets that make yours tiny, making you feel that way as well, no pressure of making a wrong move, and no cigarette smoke.

Some people may consider these factors very intimidating and a barrier in playing the game at a land casino even if it may seem surprising. The online version is a benefit both for beginners that want to get acquainted with the game and for the people that play just for the game itself.

The most common question regarding the online roulette is about its odds. Are they changed, are they the same and so on. As you already know, the American version of the roulette has a static house edge that won't change unresponsive of the bet. You have as much chances of winning at an online casino as you have at a land one.

The increased number of European roulettes available online should be a very good reason for playing the game this way. The house's edge is reduced almost to half at the European version so unless you are lucky enough to find one in the surrounding casinos this should definitely convince you play it.

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