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Apr 17th 2007
Even if they come in large numbers it is difficult to find a good online strategy. Most of them aren't any good so it is important to know which ones to select. It is important because of you select the ones that are wrong they will do you more harm than good. You may end up either broke, either sick or both.

We are here to help you spot the good strategies from the bad ones. We will also teach you what elements make a strategy good and what elements make a strategy bad. It is very difficult to make a differentiation but you should start with the logical thing: the house edge. It is static, and it will never change.

Even if there are different bets and combinations of bets the house edge remains the same. The bets have a static value as well not like the craps game which has the same house edge but the value of the bets different. You may ask yourself, how this is useful for you and how it will make you win more.

The house edge is 5.26% at the American roulette. The five number bet is the only one that changes the house edge and it raises it to 7%. No combination of bets or hedges can change these numbers. In fact nothing could change them unless the rules would change. With this knowledge the good strategies can be separated from the bad ones.

You may read in some strategies that there are ways to change the house edge, to beat the game or to make a profit every time. The rules are against these things. Do not trust any of these strategies that will tell you this as they are the bad ones. Play the roulette as a game not as a business, play for fun do not study too much in hope to increase your odds. Any person that advices you the contrary is not to be trusted as it is trying to make a profit out of you.

Some elements that make a good strategy are the possibility of managing you money, keeping track of them; don't let you build a lot of loss while playing to win and forbid you to aggregate your bets together.

Even if the player has an advantage at the casino his edge can't beat the casino's one. At the American roulette, 5.26% represents the casino's static house edge, and as you can see it is not very friendly. As mentioned before the games with different rules are suggested in the good roulette strategies:

The European Roulette

The single zero or French roulette as it is also called, the European roulette is different than the American one and this difference can be seen at the wheel. Instead of two green slots you will see only one, represented by the 0. The European roulette doesn't have the 00 slot, reducing the house's edge to 2.7%. It is fairly easy to find a single 0 roulette while playing online but finding one in Vegas may give you head aches.

The En Prison rule

This rule can be found mostly in Europe but the chances are to find it in America at a European roulette as well. You may find this rule while playing the single 0 roulette online but it is uncertain if the respective odds are kept or some compensation is used.

In order to benefit from the en prison rule you must place an outside even money bet and the ball must land on the 0. For example if you bet 20 dollars on red but the ball landed on the 0, if you chose to play the en prison rule before the spin than your money will remain on the table until the next spin. In fact en prison means in prison so your money will be kept "imprisoned" instead of being taken away from you.

If you win on the next spin then you will receive your money back but without other winnings. If you lose on the next spin, you lost the money. Check the odds with the house in case the ball lands on 0 for a second consecutive time as different casinos have different rules in this situation.

The house edge will be reduced approximately to 1.35% if the ball lands on the 0 a second time, reducing the house's edge enormously. You can't find a superior roulette strategy that will help you win at the American version.

The Surrender rule

This rule is somewhat similar to the en prison rule by the fact that it only applies to outside even bets and the ball is required to land on a 0. In this case you will receive half of your even money bets back. This rule opposite to the en prison rule can be found at the American roulette tables. It is a great rule as the house's edge is reduced to 2.63%.

It is to be remembered that in a good roulette strategy you should find incorporated attention to how much money you are spending, very good money management skills, and rules that advantage the players.

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