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The History Of Craps

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Apr 25th 2007
The original game of craps, the game that craps originates from was called hazard. The inventor of hazard is Sir William of Tyre, and he invented it during the crusades. The game quickly became popular and it was the favorite pastime for the crusaders. This happened during the siege of Hazarth of Asart in 1125.

Hazard then found its way to France. The French quickly embraced the game and changed its name to craps. Other craps historians believe that the term "craps" was introduced by the Americans themselves. There are also disputes on how the game was introduced to the Americans. Regardless, there's no argument about the fact that craps is a very popular game and it no other games have yet matched the amounts wagered on craps.

Out of all the players around the table one is asked to throw the dice. This is similar to the game played by the ancient Romans. It is the Romans that spread the game and made it so popular.

Craps is the classic game of chance. You will find craps in all land based casinos and online casinos. Playing online is more convenient and affordable than playing in a land based casino, without taking from the entertainment value of the game. We recommend InterCasino as they offer some of the best craps games around.

The Rules Of Craps

In order to win at craps all you have to do is guess what number will come up and bet accordingly. There is no table maximum limit, but you cannot bet more than $500 per field.

There are several types of bets that you can place when playing craps: Pass Line Bets, Don't Pass Bets, Come & Don't Come Bets, Place Bet to Win or to Lose, Hardway & One Roll Bets, Field, Any Craps, Any 7, Eleven or Craps, Big 6 & Big 8. You can choose to throw the dice or refuse to throw the dice yourself. If you refuse to throw the dice the computer will do it for you.

You must know that sometimes you cannot place a certain bet. Some bets cannot be placed for the come out roll, while other bets cannot be placed until the point has been established. The point is established if the player rolls out a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. That number will become the point. The player will get to roll the dice again, and those rolls are known as point rolls. He will continue to throw the dice until he will either roll the point and win, or until he will roll a 7 and lose. The round will then end and another one will begin.

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