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Apr 9th 2007
The action of the game is very simple. So a player can start a round and place a bet he must first buy chips from the croupier, if he didn't already bought from the cashier. Be aware of the fact that American roulette is played with different chips than other table games at the casino.

Each player is assigned a different color of chip, letting the dealer differentiate bets and match them to the right players. The chips used at roulette have no value at the other games in the casino.

You usually have to give some indication to the dealer as to what value of chip denomination you want to be provided with. For a $5 minimum table, you will usually have a minimum value of $1 on roulette chips. Judge this based on your average bet and whether or not you like to split things up a lot.

Again, so you don't get confused, when you get your roulette chips they will not be marked with a denomination, you choose it, and all of the chips will reflect that worth (the dealer keeps track of this by associating the amount and color with a 'lammer').

Now, you have your chips with your color, you may now start betting. If you are playing at a table with a $5 minimum, you are required to place $5 on each of your outside bets, and/or a total of at least $5 on your inside bets (inside and outside bets are explained in a second).

So if you play black/red, odd/even or high/low, you must place the table minimum for each and every bet. On the other hand, you could place 5 $1 bets on 5 completely different inside bets (specific numbers or combinations of numbers).

The player has a big diversity of bets that he can make and they are the main rules that a player should know about roulette and for this reason they need their own section.

Since we made clear all of these things, let's expose now the game play.

After the croupier announces "place your bets" all the players involved in the game can start placing their bets on the spaces of the layout according to what number/numbers or color they want. After almost all the bets are filled the croupier will spin the wheel counterclockwise and throw the ball inside in such a ways so the ball will spin counterclockwise.

Since roulette is not a fast game like craps, players have all the time to decide on what to bet. They can continue placing bets while the ball is in motion, but as the balls slows down the croupier will announce that no more bets are allowed. Since that moment on all the players must stop betting because the bets placed after his announce will be declared not valid and you will also get ugly looks from the dealer and the fellow players.

When the ball settles in a number's slot, the croupier places a dolly over it, pays out winning bets and collects the losing ones. Then, the game is ready for another spin.

When you want to leave the table remember to change the specific roulette chips with normal ones.

On the first spin, the dealer has no fixed point from which to spin the wheel or ball. Thereafter he must spin both from the winning pocket into which the ball dropped. The croupier dealing the wheel is obliged to spin the ball with the hand nearest the wheel.

Some casinos give the player the privilege of being able to ask the inspector or casino operator to substitute another dealer, and this may be done provided one or more of the other players at the table do not object. No such substitution may take place after the dealer has thrown the ball five times.

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