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The Importance of TST Software Testing

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May 21st 2010
When a player sits down to play blackjack or a roulette game at an online casino, the last thing they want to worry about is whether the game is fair and safe. Some casinos in the online gaming industry have given a bad name to playing games online by practicing unfair payouts. Some of these refuse to give players money they have won. Others make it impossible to win anything at all. However, not all casinos are just out for themselves. Many of the best online casinos make it a number one priority to provide not just great games, but fair games as well. Many of these casinos are independently audited, lending players the best chances of winning.

While there are many software-testing providers out there, TST software testing is a popular option most online casinos use to supply fair games. TST, the abbreviation for Technical Systems Testing, offers the service of independently auditing casino sites. TST has dealt with online roulette casinos for more than 10 years. The company audits online casinos all around the world, comforting players a great deal across the globe. The company aims at holding the casinos responsible for fair and safe games. Games are monitored in regards to the amount of winnings to players, the payouts, and more. TST also looks to point the finger at casinos, making sure they are following along with industry norms. If a casino is practicing unfair and bad games for players, TST holds the casino accountable to alert players about their safety. Many players do not even know if independent auditors monitor the online casino they are playing at. Players should look for a symbol or page noting the online casino does have a system in place. Most of the time, there is a list at the bottom of the casino site. By knowing that a casino is audited, players may be more inclined to play with ease at that online casino.

Random number generators are the heart of every casino game. They figure out the winning combinations, supposedly at random. This is where TST steps in. TST looks at the patterns their generators hand out, making sure that the casino is not holding the greater advantage over the player. TST also makes certain the generator is not handing out an unreasonable opportunity at winning anything for a player. To get more technical, TST uses RNG Analysis to compare notes, looking to see if the casino is hosting games that are not fair. No one wants to play roulette games and find out there is absolutely no chance at winning. TST makes sure that doesn’t occur.

When selecting an online casino, many gamers just look for great bonuses, flashy tournaments, and a large game inventory. While those are all important, players should also consider their safety. New and old players should take a look around at their favorite online casinos to make sure either TST or some other company is independently auditing them. By playing at a casino that is monitored, players know someone is one their side, looking out for fair and accurate games. As the online casino industry can sometimes be looked down upon, casinos can up their chances of reversing this image by reaching out to services like TST. This will give casinos online a great credibility over the sea of unreliable casinos out there.

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