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Roulette Etiquette

Roulette is a game for everyone

Some believe that the game of Roulette is a glamorous casino game, intended solely for the wealthy or sophisticated player. That could not be further from the truth. Roulette enjoys a high level of popularity in casinos all over the world, and attracts all kinds of players who consider wagering an enjoyable and entertaining pastime.

There are several differences between Roulette and most of the other casino games; especially those played with cards. For example, the actual sequence and term of each play in Roulette is simplicity itself. All play centers on a single, brief, and exciting play.

That is, the counter-clockwise spin of the wheel, the clockwise spin of the ball, the sharp clicking of the ball as it rolls and bounces around, and its final, decisive click as it falls into one of the pockets, and comes to rest. It all happens in seconds.

The winning number and color are called out by the croupier, that is, the dealer, and all bets are paid accordingly. As a matter of interest, an experienced croupier can get in as many as ninety spins or games within an hour.

Roulette differs in many other ways as well. For example, unlike Craps or cards, the implements of play, i.e., the wheel and the ball, unlike dice or cards, are not touched by any of the players. Players do not get involved in the spins of the wheel and the ball and, therefore, can devote their full attention to the matter of betting.

Players do not take turns in betting. In fact, all of them may place bets at the same time. A little unintended jostling is easily forgiven. Finally, there is no ante, no bluffing, no shooter, and there are no penalties.

It is important for a player to place his bet on the table before the croupier calls for "no more bets". Other than these two player moves, there is little else he can do, in terms of personal style or finesse, that will enable him to influence the outcome of any bet.

For a player to don't look silly at the roulette table he should have even a small idea of how a layout table looks like. It's true that you can always ask for the dealer's help, but you will impose another image at the table if you won't make silly mistakes and put your chips foolishly on the layout. Besides, if you won't learn fast, chances are that you will annoy the croupier and the other players at the table.

The design of the Roulette layout generally corresponds to the numbers, figures and colors painted on the face of the wheel. There are thirty-six consecutively numbered (1-36) rectangular spaces, colored red and black alternately, which are arranged in three columns of twelve numbers each. Along one side of the columns are rectangular spaces marked 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12. Other separate spaces are marked 2-1, 0 (zero), 00 (double zero), Red, Black, Even, Odd, 1-18 High, and 19-36 Low.

Always remember to cash-in all your roulette chips after play. The chips are special to the roulette table, and can't be used in any other games.

After the ball dropped in a pocket the croupier will start to remove all of the losing bets and also he will pay the winning bets and remove the marker from the table. During this time you should not touch your chips if you don't to be asked to leave the casino. This could be very embarrassing and you could destroy all your fun.

Above all else, just be courteous. Make sure that you don't knock over anybody else's chips. Make sure that you are respectful to the dealer and the people around you, and also offer the dealer a small tip every 10th spin or so. And also, have a fun time playing roulette, but don't get too excitable or drunk, as nobody enjoys a person elbowing them or screaming in their ear. Just have a fun time and be respectful, and hopefully karma will reward you.

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