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The object of the game is to guess on which number or color or sets of numbers will drop the ball. The variety of bets that you can make is large and you can read about them in the different bets page of the site. As I said, many betting combinations are possible, along with varying odds and maximum stakes.

The one who controls the the game and the roulette wheel is the croupier. His place is at the end of the table, which also contains the wheel and the betting area; he calls the numbers, and is basically in charge of the roulette table proceedings.

So a player can start a game and make bets he must buy chips from a cashier, or right at the Roulette table. If he wishes to purchase chips from the croupier in order to wager, he simply has to wait for a pause in the play and then place his cash in front of his position on the table felt. The appropriate buy-in amount is determined by the house.

The dealer will exchange the entire amount the player has set on the table, for house chips of equal value. He will push the chips across the table to the player and then drop the cash into a slot in the tabletop. The player should then stack his chips in the rails, meaning the grooved area of the roulette table that is provided to keep chips, which are not in play.

As I already explained in previous articles of the site, roulette is played with different chips then the other games use. The croupier will convert the player's cash to chips of a specific denomination and color. If there are 7 people playing at a table, there will be seven different colors of chips. It is the player's responsibility to verify that he knows the value of each of his chips, and that he has been given the correct amount for his cash.

Once a player has taken his seat at the roulette table he will see that the felt layout has the bets clearly marked. Once he decides how much he wishes to wager, he may take one or more chips from his stack on the rail, and places it (them) inside the betting box or line he selects. Again, the player must bear in mind that maximum and minimum bets vary from casino to casino.

However, a player can place his bet only after the dealer waved his hand over the table and declared the bets session open announcing "Ladies and Gentleman, place your bets". Since then, all the players have enough time to place their bets. Roulette is a slow paced game. After all the bets are almost complete, the croupier will spin the wheel and throw in the ball. The dealer will normally give the players 60 seconds to put their bets down, and players can still lay down bets when the ball is moving and not dropped into one of the slots.

The croupier will place the ball on the outside rim of the roulette wheel, allowing it to go around a few times. When the ball starts to fall from the rim of the bowl, the croupier announces "no more bets" and the players must stop placing bets and from that point forward cannot adjust or change any bets.

Depending on where the ball landed, the dealer will announce the winning number and its color. He marks the winning number and collects all losing bets starting with those places furthest away from him/her.

Once the winnings have been cleared the winning marker is taken off and the croupier is ready to repeat the whole process.

When the player has finished playing, he may wish to have the croupier cash him out, or he may want to take his chips to the cashier to exchange them for cash.

If the player has groups of smaller denomination chips in front of him, he may want to color-up his chips. This simply means exchanging groups of smaller denomination chips for larger valued chips. Roulette tables frequently move very fast and the player may be better advised to take these to the cashier for cash or to another table for more play.

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