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What's the deal with all those roulette systems?

You would not believe how many roulette systems are out there and how many people will try to convince you that their system is foolproof. Most roulette system supporters think that by using the simple mathematics behind roulette odds they will come up with a system that will guarantee a win. The simple truth of the matter is that roulette systems do not work. They are all nothing but a bunch of nonsense. No matter how you mix your bets, how you spread them out and how much you use gambling you will always face a house advantage of 5.26%. There is nothing that you can do to change that.

If someone offers you a roulette system to buy, just say no. It's not worth it. Why spend your money on something that does not work, on something that is useless? You will only be fooled into a false sense of security. And just as you think that you cannot lose using that particular system, guess what? You will lose, and let's just hope that you will not loose big.

Most roulette systems are based on the martingale system. This system tells you to double your betting amount each time you lose. Keep doubling until you will eventually win and recover your loses.

Other roulette systems are based on progressive single number betting systems. You should be able to make a little profit if the ball stops on your number once every 200 rounds. But you also stand the chance of losing a considerable amount of money once every 200 rounds. No one can tell when that losing round will be. For a system you are really leaving a whole lot up to chance.

Online roulette games have not escaped this phenomenon either. There are numerous sites that have various systems for sale. Apparently online roulette games can be analyzed and various patterns can be discovered. We have serious doubts that you can do this, especially in a reputable, well established casino that uses only the best and most secure software. But we will admit that using such a system is a possibility when playing a poorly programmed roulette game.

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