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Some casino games can be complicated and difficult for new players to grasp. However, Roulette is a relatively simple game to pick up for any type of player. It also can boost a player’s confidence for every time a player places a bet, they can feel like a high roller. To play roulette online, all one really needs is an understanding of the odds and how to extend that bankroll. This could be why Roulette is one of the most popular and appealing of casino games offered by the industry today.

It sounds simple enough, but players may still be wondering how to make their bankrolls go as far as they possibly can. A combination of elements must come together. Players should know the rules of the game, understand the house edge, factor in the potential payoffs, and figure out the probability of a win on that bet. By knowing all of these factors, players can put down bets that fit in with the money they have available, and thus, play and win even longer.

An American Roulette wheel covers the numbers 1 to 36, along with a zero and double zero. Landing on that double zero can give a player a bigger advantage over the house.

- Placing bets of 1 to 12, 14 to 24, and 25 to 36, produce payouts of 2:1. Winning probabilities lie at 31.58%. The house edge stays at 5.26%.

- Placing bets on 1 to 18, 19 to 36, on black, even, and odd are deemed low risk for the payout is 1:1. The house edge rests at 5.26% and the chances of winning are 47.37%.

- Single number bets produce a payout of 35:1, making the house edge 5.25% and the chances of winning at 2.63%.

- Two number bets, or split bets, payout 17:1, with the house edge at 5.26% and the probability of a player winning at 5.26%.

- Three number bets, or street bets, lend payouts of 11:1, with the house edge at 5.26% and the chances of winning at 7.89%.

- Four number bests, or corner bets, yield 8:1 payout, with the probability of winning set at 10.53% and the house edge at 5.26%.

- Five number bets, or first 5 bets, give off a payout of 6:1, with a house edge set at 7.89% and a player’s winning probability at 13.56%.
6 number bets, of sixline bets, give a payout of 5:1, with a house edge at 5.26% and a player’s winning probability at 15.79%.

Most players can take roulette strategies with a grain of salt as the game is mainly based upon luck. However, others try to follow the wheel at brick and mortar casinos, thinking it is weighted in a certain way. At roulette online casinos, players cannot really try out that strategy, but many do practice betting strategies at online Roulette wheels. There are those skeptics that do not think these systems get players anywhere. Many believe new players to Roulette to just put their eyes and attention on the bets they are making. These bets should stay on track with a player’s bankroll so the chances at winning are far greater.

Like most casino games, Roulette is truly a game where luck has to be on a player’s side. Although, roulette tips are not completely out of the question, providing some certainty in a game where players just never know where the ball will drop.
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