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Basic Martingale Roulette Strategy

Betting systems are the cornerstones around which most roulette strategies attack the game are based. What varies is how the betting systems are employed.

Most people who are somewhat familiar with gaming think 'Martingale' when it comes to contemplating betting systems. There are a number of different Martingale-type systems. When we talk about the regular version of the Martingale it is also known as 'doubling up'. This is a straight progressive betting scheme, which is tailored for those who want something that is regimented and easy to comprehend, and it is one of the most popular of roulette strategies.

Let's talk about how it works. At the very core of this system is the initial bet amount, which is always the reference point you'll go back to. The object of implementing the Martingale is that you're going to take this amount and double it after each losing bet. When you win, you take it down to the initial (original) bet. This particular system is designed to win back all the losses you would have sustained up to that point and make a profit when you encounter a winning spin.

Allow us to illustrate that. Let's say your initial bet is $5. If you lose, you go to $10. If you lose again, you go to $20. It's basically a very simple thing.

If you win, say, on the third spin, after losing the first two, you will have had $15 in losses ($5 + $10), and then a $20 win on the third spin of the wheel, which makes for a $5 profit. Then you go back to your original $5 bet and start the cycle all over again.

What's important to remember as far as online roulette are concerned, is that you're not betting on the individual numbers on the roulette wheel when you're playing a Martingale. You may win at some point, but you might have to wait for a while. Instead, will only be making wagers on the even money propositions at the roulette table, which are the Red or Black, Even or Odd, and High or Low bets.

There is a risk with this system; you have to get to a win before getting to the table limit. In other words, let's suppose the table limit at the roulette casino is $500. If you happen to lose seven times in a row, you really can't go any higher in your progression. What you'd be counting on here is that you won't get caught up in a losing streak like that very often. Indeed, you could go through your cycle a number of times before that happens.

The problem, naturally, is that if you go over the limit once, you could blow everything you've won for a period of hours prior to that. You've got to have sufficient bankroll as well, not to mention a little staying power to employ a roulette strategy such as this one.

What also happens is that once you get up that high after a series of losses, you're risking a lot of money for the sake of winning relatively little ($5). Some people don't like the idea of doing that.

Try this popular roulette system for a while and once you're comfortable with moving to more advanced roulette systems, try learning the Grand Martingale, another great roulette strategy available at
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