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The Grand Martingale Strategy

A betting system to play roulette with that is based on the idea of increasing bets after losses and pulling back after wins is called a "martingale". However, there isn't just one Martingale system, but a number of variations on it beginning with the Basic Martingale system.

One of the more advanced Martingale systems is called the "Grand Martingale". Remember that with Martingale systems, you are looking to recover from losses that you have suffered with future wins; generally this is done by doubling the bet after a loss, with the intention of making a profit at the end.

Well, with the Grand Martingale what you're going to do is double the bet after losses, and ADD ONE DOLLAR to it. In other words, if you started out with a bet of $5, and lost, you would increase the bet to $11 (which is double the $5, plus $1). Then you would go up to $23 ($11 x 2, plus one), then $47 ($23 x 2, plus one) and so on.

The interesting thing about this variation of the Martingale is that the more losses you have sustained, the more profit you will make at the end, when you finally win.

So if you lost five spins in a row when playing roulette (or otherwise) and finally won on the sixth, your progression would look like this:

$5 - $11 - $23 - $47 - $95 - $191

Over this cycle, you will have lost $181, then come back to win $191, which will give you a $10 profit. if you went one more loss, you would be betting $383, which would bring back an $11 profit based on the $372 you would have lost prior to it.

Let's compare this to what would happen over the same series of spins on the roulette wheel, using the "regular" Martingale, which entails simply doubling the bet, without adding a dollar:

$5 - $10 - $20 - $40 - $80 - $160

You see, in this situation, you will have lost a total of $155 on the first five spins, and the sixth bet, which wins $160, yields a $5 profit. No matter how many spins you lose, you will always have a $5 profit if you win at the end.

It should be pointed out that some roulette players like to add two units to that doubled bet instead of one, and that is not going to hurt you if you have the extra bankroll.

To illustrate this, and using the previous example as a reference, here would be the sequence if you added TWO DOLLARS to every doubled bet:

$5 - $12 - $26 - $54 - $110 - $222

Here you would make $15 profit at the end, because you had a $222 win to overcome a loss of $207, with some left over.

So you just add a dollar per losing spin profit for every losing spin when you increase it by a buck. It's really nothing to be confused by.

If you notice, there is a big difference between the amount of money you're risking at roulette casinos though. The conventional Martingale makes you put out $160 on the sixth spin, while the Grand Martingale with the "plus two" element requires an outlay of $222.

In any roulette game, you've got to consider whether you think it's worth the risk to implement and everyone has different risk thresholds, so understand yours and stick to it.
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