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The Pivot Roulette System

The notion that the numbers coming out on a roulette wheel are distributed evenly, whether it's in the physical roulette atmosphere or in Espace in the online roulette game, is wishful thinking at best. In other words, if you're looking at the European roulette wheel, just because the numbers each have a one in 38 chance of being selected, it doesn't necessarily mean that each one of those numbers is going to be selected on the wheel every 38 spins. That, by comparison, is orderly; that's different than that which is random, and when you are working with a random number generator (RNG) in the online roulette game, you're actually looking at a DIS-orderly process.

Over millions and millions of trials, the occurrence of each number landing on the roulette wheel is going to be even, but when you play online roulette, you are not playing millions and millions of spins; you are playing for a short-term return.

The "Pivot" roulette system for playing online roulette understands this and looks to construct a method to exploit it. Over the course of 36 spins, an average of 24 different numbers will come up, so there are going to be repeats within a rather short period of time.

Roulette is a game that lends itself to playing the Pivot roulette system because you are need to record the numbers that come out. If you were in a physical casino setting, you would do this with a pencil and pad, and that is something the casino would gladly give you. When you are playing online roulette, most of the games give you something of a "tote board" that shows you which numbers have been selected, so you don't have to write anything down. What you want to do is take note of any number that comes out twice, and when that first one that repeats, it is going to be your "pivot" number.

Of course, when you think about it, you could probably play the Pivot roulette system is a roulette strategy that is a lot easier in a land casino because the way the roulette system's proponents have it laid out – it is advised that you observe and record the numbers before you place your first bet on the number that repeats. In a land casino, you are able to watch when before making a bet. When you play roulette at an online casino, you need to play the game to see any results. One suggestion is to play “even money” bets in the meantime, keep your losses low, and then wait for the pivot number to come up before putting bigger wagers down.

When that pivot number is established, you place the same bet on that number for a period of 36 spins, and you continue doing that until either: (1) you win, or (2) you lose all 36 spins. that would seem a pretty simple system to follow. The idea is that if you hit that pivot number at some point during your own 36-spin sequence, you are guaranteed either a profit, or at least break even, based on the 35/1 odds that the casino pays on any single number you hit. Since your outlay of bets increases with every spin of the wheel, you'll be looking at more profit if the pivot number comes up sooner rather than later.

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