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Understand the use of Roulette Systems

You probably can't find anyone who is successful at any casino game that is not employing some kind of strategy, or system, on a consistent basis. When you play online roulette, there is no exception. Depending on sheer luck over the course of time is no way to generate any kind of positive outcome.

What is a system? Well, perhaps it is best defined as a way to play roulette in an orderly fashion, with tactics spelled out in advance, in order to help affect a better result than otherwise.

If you play roulette with a system, it means that obviously you are of the opinion that there is a definitive method for playing where you can overcome the house edge, or cut it down considerably. If there is some mathematical basis around which the system is constructed, it is most likely a better way of going about things than playing on "hunches" or hoping Lady Luck smiles upon you.

You also have to have a steadfast belief in the particular roulette strategy that you are putting into use.

Systems, whatever the game, take discipline to implement effectively as you play. Proponents of this course of action advocate the virtue of learning and practicing, since doing things incorrectly will almost certainly lead to a very unhappy ending.

Generally the systems that are employed when you play roulette revolve around betting; that is, how much to bet according to the circumstances. That's because it is the variable in the game; in other words, it's something that you can change. The probability of the various propositions on the layout do not change, because of the random nature of the wheel (except in the case of "biased wheels", which are a discussion that involves the brick and mortar casino only). And the payoff odds on each of the propositions does not change either.

The betting systems also operate with the "even money" bets in mind. Those are:

-- Red
-- Black
-- Even
-- Odd
-- Low (1-18)
-- High (19-36)

We'd be derelict in our duties if we did not mention that a lot of the people who are involved with running casinos think very little of roulette systems and system players. In fact, if you were in a land-based casino environment, they would be only too happy to supply you with a paper and pencil, so that you could track the results of each spin. They simply don't think you're going to do any good with it. When you're playing at online casinos, you have the privacy and freedom to use any system or strategy you choose.

That begs the question - with so much in the way of denial, would they even notice if a system player started to win with some consistency?
Maybe not, and perhaps that is the hidden strength of those roulette systems that may indeed have some usefulness. For the player who can learn it and implement it properly, it is somewhat mechanical, but involves control - that is to say, control of what you bet, and how those wagers relate to your bankroll. You choose when to step up, and when to quit. To get comfortable with any roulette system, try practicing your patience with a free roulette game before beginning to wager real money. You can't ask for anything more than to play roulette with a chance.
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